Wind Blade Workshop

download_(1).jpgOn August 24th, our development intern Danielle led a Wind Blade Workshop at Bohlen Technical Center for 22 students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). She started out by giving a presentation on wind energy in the United States and focused on how Americans are only 5% of the global population, yet they use 25% of the world’s energy resources. She then asked them to brainstorm ways they could reduce the energy they use in a day.

download.jpg This led into the hands-on workshop where students broke up into teams of five or six and designed wind blades to be tested on our turbine, powered by the “wind” of a fan. We set up a start and finish line and timed how long a car on a pully took to get from start to finish. The more efficient the blades, the faster the car would go. Students were given two opportunities to improve upon their design and make it better. All the teams improved their times from the first test to the last. The students really enjoyed the activity and worked well in their groups. Overall it was a fun time and very informational. Thank you to BOCES for hosting us!