A Life-Changing Internship

What is it like to work for a rapidly growing renewable energy company like Apex Clean Energy? Let me give you the inside scoop. 

farewell_picture1.jpgThis summer I worked as a development intern for the Galloo Island Wind project in Hounsfield, New York. Over the past few months, I had the opportunity to educate the public about the project on many occasions. The thing that you might not see from the outside is that people are not always warm and fuzzy when it comes to putting windmills in their backyard. I got to hear occasionally about how bad some locals feel that these windmills are going to be, but I also got to speak with a lot of people who feel just as passionate about renewable energy as I do.

My favorite part of this job, however, is speaking with people who are open minded and really listen to what I have to say without preconceived biases. These are usually the individuals who soak up all the information and come to their own conclusion that wind energy is a clean and sustainable resource.

Wind and solar energy are the way of the future, and having the opportunity to help in the early stages of their production and help my community at the same time is life changing. I have learned so much while interning this summer and I am sad that my days with Apex Clean Energy are coming to an end. I will never forget this experience or the people that have been key factors in helping me throughout this summer to grow. 

-Danielle Simmons